Apr. 10th, 2010

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So I made an apple crumble.

It seems to be a Friday tradition for me. Last time, I had a few guy friends over and we bonded over baking. It was rather funtastic. Tonight was relatively lonely, though not unentertaining.

I feel recently that I have got a very strong xenophilic urge. Like I want to be with people and make food for people. I probably miss being in a relationship.

Mannn, if I got into a relationship now, I would probably make hella awesome food and would make it for her... Aww, the thought of cooking something for someone I like a lot makes me all mushy...


This is a cooking blog.

So here's the cooking!

Apple crumble! Basically, I got six (big) apples, peeled and cored them. Sliced them into pieces, then put them in a pot with some cinnamon, sugar and a bit of water. I then stewed them on the stove for awhile. While they were stewing, I made the crumble mixture. I got some flour added some pieces of chopped butter and combined the two in my hands until the mixture was like bread crumbs. I then added sugar and mixed it some more and kept adding more flour/ butter/ sugar until I thought I had enough. Basically it depends on how much apple you use and the size of the baking thing. I made sure the mixture was sweet by tasting a bit.

I then put the stewed apples (I left them there for a bit too long, usually you should take them off the heat once you can put a fork through them easily) into the baking thing and spread them out. I put the crumble mixture ontop and baked at 180C for some time (maybe half an hour?).

I don't think it was hot enough so I have left it in the hot oven to kind of dry and finish cooking.


Friday Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble out of the oven

Apple Crumble and Icecream
Apple Crumble and Icecream

So that's the score. Apple crumble is delicious.

Oh, I also found some compounded dark chocolate and macadamia nuts in my cupboard, so I may make brownies in the near future.

Bake away from here!


cookingtaco: Adding blended up macadamia to my brownie mix. (Default)

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