May. 1st, 2010

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So chicken thighs are like delicious. And cheap.

In an effort to build up my "Cheap and Delicious" cooking repertoire I have decided to experiment with cooking chicken thighs.


So yeah, the idea is make a delicious lemonish sauce and use it to marinate the chicken thighs.

So I made the sauce thusly:

Ong's Lemon Sauce:              107.5 g              (Half a bottle)
Garlic 4.5 cloves:                     16.5 g
Lemon Zest:                              2.5 g                  (1 Lemon)
Lemon Juice                             40.5g (100ml)  (1 Lemon)
Oregano (enough to for it to be sparse in the mix... a tea spoon?)
Lemon Pepper (two dashes)

This produces 112.5ml of lemon sauce. (I actually made twice that, but it was too much so I'll use it later)

The idea is that you have about a 100:15:2.5:40 ratio of lemon sauce:garlic:zest:juice. You don't want it too thick (too much sauce) or too runny (too much juice). The garlic and zest can be modified, I found this to be pretty good.

This is still experimental and is subject to change.

I used the sauce on 2.2ish kg of chicken thighs which equates to about 10.

Firstly, you wash the thighs in preferably salt water, but plain is fine too. The longer you soak it, the better. Then you need to dry it.

Once it's dry put it in a pan and then pour the sauce on it. You can use one of those brushes. If the mixture is thick enough, it should stick.

I then put it into a preheated 150C fanforced oven. I think I kept it there for a couple of hours. I then had to go somewhere, and so I left it there for about three hours. I was worried about it burning, but it went well. Turned out very well, just cooked enough.

For better results, keep it on low, and keep putting the juices onto the chicken. The more you do it, nicer the layer.

Extra points for using the liquid to cover oven roasted chips. Delicious.

Here are some pictures! :D

Thigh Close Up
Chicken Thigh Close Up
Here's the chicken thighs and chips!
Chicken Thighs and Chips

Stay tuned for my strawberry cheesecake! :D


cookingtaco: Adding blended up macadamia to my brownie mix. (Default)

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