May. 2nd, 2010

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The surprise is that there is no surprise!

So I also made strawberry cheesecake today!

Not as successful as my chicken thighs, but still delicious.


Scotch Finger Biscuits 250g (A small packet)
Butter 125g
Strawberry Jelly 85g (A packet)
Strawberries 500g (Two punnets)
Thickened Cream 300g (Could be 300ml, half one a packet)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 250g (One packet)
Water 250g (Not sure exactly)
Sugar 75g

First thing I did, blended up the scotch finger biscuits. Then melted the butter and added it and let it blend. It was very buttery, and may have been too much.

I then got like 3 al-foil container things and pressed the crumb mixture onto the base and then chilled.

I then like used a small pot (usually used for Greek coffee) to mix and boil some preboiled water with the strawberry jelly.

I then blended up a punnet of strawberries very finely. I mixed that with the strawberry jelly and heated it up a bit. I also added the sugar. I then strained the mixture to separate the pulpy strawberry stuff from the liquid.

I poured a bit of the liquid onto the bases.

I proceeded to mix the cream and the cream cheese. I didn't do it very well. I added the strawberry liquid to the cream and cream cheese. I think I should have blended the cream cheese or something, because it didn't mix properly. However, I did use an automatic whisker (using a hand mixer thing to mix the cheese in). The whisker whipped the cream nicely and mixed most of the cheese in.

I then cut up the remaining punnet into small pieces and big pieces. I got the small pieces and added it to half the pulpy strawberry mixture.

I then poured the cheese mixture and the pulpy mixture in an alternating way to kind of disperse it throughout. I then used the other half of the pulpy mix with the largely cut strawberries to form a topping. It wasn't enough.

Here's a pic:

Strawberry Cheesecake

It tastes delicious, but not a very nice looking cheesecake. Improvements for the future include mixing the cream cheese in better. Adding gelatine to the strawberry liquid might also make it set nicer. More strawberries on top would be good.

As it stands, you can basically feel a heart attack coming with every bite you take...


cookingtaco: Adding blended up macadamia to my brownie mix. (Default)

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