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So there is some history behind my brownies. I have been formulating the recipe for a couple of years and was one of my first forays into cooking/ baking. These brownies have become rather famous and highly regarded amongst various circles. However, despite their renown and quality, I still believe there is room for improvement. Perfection at any cost! (Apart from money...)

A little history. I first started making brownies using the mixtures you get at Coles etc. It was simply that mixture with macadamias and topped with melted chocolate). As time progressed, I started experimenting with blended macadamias in the topping. As I started to make more, I needed to drive down costs, so I started experimenting with making my own brownie recipe. I have continually played with the recipe, and tried to improve it while making it cost effective.

What I will provide bellow will be less a recipe, and more a way of thinking with creating these brownies.

Like most of the meals on this blog, this recipe/ thing hasn't reached perfection or even an optimal balance between quality, quantity and cost. But that's what time is for.

A description of the brownies:

What makes my brownies my brownies (Let's call them Kyri Brownies) is a few things. The major feature is the topping. It is generally made of a mixture of blended up macadamia nuts and chocolate. Milk and white can be used, dark can be used, it depends on your budget and taste.

Another feature that I have coined (or stolen) is using the blended up macadamias in the mixture to provide added flavour and replaces butter somewhat. Also, chopped macadamias are used within it.

Generally, the idea is mix all the ingredients for the brownies then add in the chunks then bake then make the topping. Let the brownies cool then add the topping and put in fridge. Serve cold.

As for the ingredients, I will present them more as a percentage since I used rather large quantities when I made mine. It also helps you conceptualise the idea of the brownies.

(The ratios don't need to be exact this is what I ended up with for this batch. There is room for variance. All in weight%)

13% Butter (Melted)
9% Flour
16% Eggs (Beaten)
50% Chocolate (I used a mixture of compounded and edible milk and dark chocolate)
4% Sugar
8% Macadamia (Blended until it becomes a slurry)

29% Milk Chocolate (I used Cadburry. Blended for a few seconds)
37% White Chocolate
34% Macadamia (Like chocolate above, blended only slightly)

48% Macadamia (Blended, slurry)
25% Milk Chocolate (Cheap BigW Belgian this time)
17% Compounded Milk Chocolate
10% Compounded Dark Chocolate

So yeah, I have been intentionally vague, since this is one of my signature dishes. But if asked nicely, I will teach someone the art and start them on their journey to making brownies.

Now for gratuitous pics!

Swirrrrl! Brownie mix after adding macadamia slurry!
Brownie Macadamia SWIRRRRL!

Completed brownie slab! DELICIOUS!
Kyri Brownies!

I need to cook more!
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