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This time, the surprise is that it isn't completely ugly!

Working on the recipe I devised last time, I have tweaked it a bit more.

This time I also used a spring-based pan. ($9.95 from your local Hot Dollar :D )

I decided to make the base crazy by adding more biscuits and replacing some of the butter with chocolate and nutella. I used much more strawberries this time, and it seemed to pay off.


Scotch Finger Biscuits 300g
Butter 75g
Chocolate 20g
Nutella 45g
Strawberry Jelly 85g (A packet)
Strawberries 1kg (4 punnets)
Thickened Cream 300ml
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 300g
Egg 1
Water 100g
Sugar 120g

Similar to last time, I blended the scotch finger biscuits and then added the melted other stuff (Butter, chocolate and nutella). Depending on how it tastes, I may modify this slightly, also the crust is rather large... I then pressed it on the bottom of the cake tin and put it in the fridge.

I then put 300g of strawberries (hulled and cut up roughly) into the blender. Boiled the 100g water, dissolved the jelly into it then put about half of that into the blender with the strawberries. (To turn it into more of a slush thing and give it a more red colour...) (Next time, I think I'm gonna add the strawberries to the jelly, then let it boil down so that it's not as watery). I proceeded to add the mixed egg, and then the cream. I let it blend properly, then added the cream cheese. After tasting how sour it was, I realised I had forgotten the sugar, and added that.

I poured the mixture into the cake tin and baked at 210C. It was rather slow and was starting to form a burnt skin, so I turned it down. It took awhile, but eventually, I got sick of it and took it out, when it cooled slightly, it solidified, much to my relief.

I then used the remaining strawberries (cut up into quarters) to form the topping. I used the other half of the jelly liquid, poured it on the strawberries, then put them on top and put it in the fridge.


Far Away
Far Away

Close Up
Close Up

So yeah, this turned out rather well. However, the real test will be the tasting.

Keep your cooks cooking, lest they cook themselves and die.


cookingtaco: Adding blended up macadamia to my brownie mix. (Default)

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