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So mother brought some strawberries and cream and cream cheese. I have made too much cheesecake recently, so I decided against it.

Instead I decided to go with making some muffins and coating them in a strawberry cheesecakeish sauce.

Unfortunately, I have not kept up with the level of accuracy in masses that I want to in this recipe. My time is a bit more precious as of late, and these muffins took quite a few hours to produce...



- 380g Self raising flour
- 3 Eggs, beaten
- 450g sugar
- 75g of frozen mixed berries
- 250ml milk
- 2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Essence
- 130g butter, chopped at room temperature (~20-30°C)
- 4 lines of milk chocolate (~100g?)
- 4 lines of white chocolate (~100g?)


- 500g (2 punnets) Strawberries, hulled
- 300g (or so) Cream cheese
- 200ml Cream

Sift flour into a bowl. Add sugar. Mix well. Beat eggs. Make sure the butter is sufficiently chopped. It needs to be soft. Mix the eggs, milk and butter all together. Now I kind of screwed up here, I couldn't be bothered letting the butter melt.

Use some form of mixer to mix it all up. I used an electric mixer, but that probably wasn't that great, I think the mixture became too smooth... Anyway. Once the mixture is done, grate 2 lines of milk and white chocolate into the mixture and add the berries. Put these into some form of muffin things. I used small ones since I want to provide many muffins.

I put the muffins in the oven, non-fan at 200°C, until they rose and turned brownish. Since I had many trays, I had to rotate them. The muffins in the lower trays didn't work as well.

While they were cooking, I prepared the sauce. Basically, put them all in a blender.

Once the muffins were done, I took them out and removed them from their trays. I then put them on baking trays covered in Al foil and covered them in the creamsauce thing. I now have them in the fridge. There's still some sauce left over which I'll put on later on when it's (hopefully) thickened.

I can't be bothered with html, so here's a link to a pic:

I will try posting an update on how they turned out.

Excuse me while I EAT THE SKY!
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