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Very exciting things are happening. Ground breaking stuff. Revolutionise the way you think about EVERYTHING!

No, not really.

Basically, awhile back I thought "French toast. It seems to me that there's a lot of undiscovered potential there."

I can't exactly remember the inspiration process, but it ended with me wanting to make balls of French toast. The methodology I eventually chose was to make a kind of batter by blending the French toast mixture with the bread.


To make some kind of French Toast Batter to make fried balls with sausage out of. To establish a concrete starting point for future research.

French Toast Battered Sausage: First Trial

Firstly, we assemble the ingredients:


4 Slices of Bread (Crusts Removed):
Disected Bread

2 Eggs and 125ml (half a cup) of Milk:
Eggs and Milk

I put the eggs and milk in the blender (food processor? I can't tell the difference.) I blended until mixed. Then I added the crustless bread. The resulting mixture wasn't thick enough, so I ended up using 6 slices of bread. This was the result:
French Toast Balls Batter

You can't see very well, but it's a rather thick batter.

I then cut two sausages up into small pieces and fried them in some nondescript vegetable oil (it was the only thing in my cupboard that I knew wasn't olive oil...) I fried them in a smallish pot since I originally had the idea to fry them.

This was the result:
Chopped Sausages

I got a large spoonful of batter and added a piece of sausage to it:
Sausage in Batter
(That photo didn't turn out too bad...)

On a side note, I realised I could kind of make a French toast kind of pancake thing by just frying the batter:
Fried French Toast Batter

As I was lazy, I decided to kind of semi-panfry (about an inch of oil) the balls. The original plan was to deep fry them, but yeah... The first few attempts didn't work out too well. Part of the problem was that the oil wasn't hot enough, so like the batter would spread everywhere and not really form balls. As I left the oil to get hotter, I was able to control it a bit more and make them more ball like.

The completed "French Toast Balls":
French Toast Ball and Sausags: Nicer Shot

They are basically the brown things. French toast batter around sausage bits.

Here's the final recipe for those interested:

- 125ml Lite White Milk
- 2 Eggs
- 2 Sausages
- 6 Slices of White Bread, Crustless
- Some amount of salt


As stated above, the mixture needed more bread than I realised for it to have the desired "batter friendly" viscosity. I think I pushed it a bit too far with 6 pieces of bread, as the batter was rather thick. Also, it seemed a bit to have a bit too much "toast" and not enough "French" for my liking. That is, you could't taste much of the egginess. I blame that on the high bread:egg ratio.

Next time, I'm thinking I'll use less milk and maybe bread with crusts. If I reduce the milk to about 75ml (or so). I should be able to get a good thickness with 3 or 4 slices of crusted bread.

Also, the frying process was tricky. Making balls on a flat surface is kind of hard, huh. If I can be bothered, I may try deep frying them since that might allow them to keep their ball shape more.

In an effort to make these healthier, the batter could also be placed into oiled muffin tins. This would form a kind of muffin base/ pie shape which could hold ingredients easier.

Overall I think the experiment/ idea/ thing went relatively well. I established that a French Toast Batter could be made and have several areas where future research can be applied.


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om nom nom do want french toast muffins :D


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