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Hey foodblog!

It's been awhile hasn't it! Well, SHUTUP DON'T JUDGE ME!?

I mean, I've been "busy". Foodblogging requires silence and photos and things! These, along with time, are precious resources.

Anyway, to the food!

I had 4 lamb forequarter chops and some cooked lamb ribs (from my local BBQ chicken shop) so I decided to COMBINE THEM BOTH IN AN ORGY OF DEATH!

First step was extracting the "zest" from the lemon and lime. This was harder than expected as the only equipment available to me was a blunt potato peeler. So I peeled both of them anyway. They looked pretty destroyed by the process, but i got some peel. I then chopped up the peel and put it into a bowl.

AFTERWARDS! I added a good amount of olive oil, oregano and the juices of both fruit. I mixed it vigorously with a fork. I then added a bit of cracked pepper and garlic flakes and stirred it some more. The oil and juice wasn't mixing, so I added about a table spoon of No Egg mix (Kind of useful). This made it a bit thicker and emulsify better. Also added a table spoon of sugar. I mixed and mixed and mixed and mixed!

Before this, however, I had put my uncooked chops in the glass oven thing. I then covered them in cracked sea salt and rubbed it in. I waited awhile and then turned them over and did the other side. Then I washed it all in lemon juice and soaked it up with paper towels. Finally, I added the marinade syrup thing.

I put it in my small oven at 200°C at fan grill (if your oven doesn't have this setting FIND A NEW OVEN!?). I let it cook for awhile and noticed that the marinade was starting to thicken up. I then turned over the chops (transferring the marinade onto other chops) and remarinated the unmarinated side. I left it for some more time until it began to darken.

While it was darkening, I prepared the ribs. Using my mad butchering skilllz I separated them and then lightly coated them in the remaining marinade.

I then removed the chops and inserted the ribs underneath them and put them back in the oven. The ribs warmed up within about 5-10 minutes from the fan grill, so I changed it to full grill and kept turning the chops until they developed a nice colour.

This is what it all looked like out of the oven:

A new cooking innovation. Stack cooking. Cook meats ontop of ... on Twitpic
This is what I had for lunch, meat and Greek pastries:
This was my lunch. Lamb chops and ribs in a lemon lime oregan... on Twitpic

It was rather delicious, but craaazzy oily. Also a fuckload of food. I think next time I will use a more zested form of the lemon lime and more of them. Also, the No Egg was useful at thickening up the marinade. Probably use more next time. Maybe also some maple syrup? Maybe also cornstarch. Probably won't use as much oil since it's crazy oily already.

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