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So my first experiment/ proper food blog thing!

I decided this food needed a name, so I came up with "Peanut Honey All Bran Oats" or PHABO (Pronounced Fabo)

The idea for Phabo came when I was trying to think of a food that could sustain me (and others) during a fast and generally. Basically, when I'm fasting, I'm not allowed to eat meat (excluding crustaceans) and dairy (that is, milk and eggs). Now there are a large variety of foods available to eat, however, I'm a fussy eater, and although this blog would seem to state otherwise, a lazy cook. Also, I'm kind of insulin resistant, so I get hungry easily, especially if I eat sugary/ starchy foods, that is, high GI. A useful thing to keep it low GI is the ability to eat it slowly.

So the aim essentially was to create something vegan, low GI, easy to eat, easy to prepare, able to be stored and eaten slowly. So thinking of some traditional fasting staples, I came up with the idea to use peanut butter and honey as a binding agent and to use a mixture of oats and all bran. Oats and all bran were chosen because they're both low GI and good for you. (Also, generally generic, so also cheap).

The idea is get a roughly equal mixture of oats and all bran, blend a portion of it slightly so that it's still kind of coarse, then blend the hell out of the rest until it becomes like flour. Then add that to a melted mixture of peanut butter and honey.

My first try at this was a few days ago, and it turned out pretty well. Good consistency, good peanut butter and honey flavour. A recommendation was made to try baking them for a bit.

This time, I weighed and measured out the ingredients I used to better quantify the recipe and thus hopefully improve it. It required a bit of tinkering. This is the general process I went through:

Detailed Experimental Method and Pics )
For a more succinct recipe-like thing I have simplified it thus:

350g Peanut Butter
225g Honey
150g All Bran
150g Oats

1. Preheat oven to 200C fan forced.

2. Melt Peanut butter, in a bowl.

3. Add and mix honey in.

4. Mix all bran and oats in different bowl.

5. Take 100g of that mixture out blend until reaches desired coarseness.

6. Blend the rest of the all bran/ oats mix until it has the consistency of flour.

7. Mix everything together well. Knead with hands after.

8. Flatten on a tray and bake for 10mins.

9. Leave to cool, cut into pieces, refrigerate.

According to some rough calculations, this batch of Phabo contains:

-22% fat
-4% saturated fat
-13% protein
-7% fibre.

The rest is probably all carbohydrates. But they are low GI.

While you are all free to use the recipe, please remember that I invented it, and that I'm still tweaking it. There will be changes, don't you worry...

EDIT: This recipe is in like a pre-beta stage. I hope to improve it as time goes on. So like don't hate me if the recipe makes stuff that isn't that delicious...


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