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The surprise is that there is no surprise!

So I also made strawberry cheesecake today!

Not as successful as my chicken thighs, but still delicious.


Scotch Finger Biscuits 250g (A small packet)
Butter 125g
Strawberry Jelly 85g (A packet)
Strawberries 500g (Two punnets)
Thickened Cream 300g (Could be 300ml, half one a packet)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 250g (One packet)
Water 250g (Not sure exactly)
Sugar 75g

First thing I did, blended up the scotch finger biscuits. Then melted the butter and added it and let it blend. It was very buttery, and may have been too much.

I then got like 3 al-foil container things and pressed the crumb mixture onto the base and then chilled.

I then like used a small pot (usually used for Greek coffee) to mix and boil some preboiled water with the strawberry jelly.

I then blended up a punnet of strawberries very finely. I mixed that with the strawberry jelly and heated it up a bit. I also added the sugar. I then strained the mixture to separate the pulpy strawberry stuff from the liquid.

I poured a bit of the liquid onto the bases.

I proceeded to mix the cream and the cream cheese. I didn't do it very well. I added the strawberry liquid to the cream and cream cheese. I think I should have blended the cream cheese or something, because it didn't mix properly. However, I did use an automatic whisker (using a hand mixer thing to mix the cheese in). The whisker whipped the cream nicely and mixed most of the cheese in.

I then cut up the remaining punnet into small pieces and big pieces. I got the small pieces and added it to half the pulpy strawberry mixture.

I then poured the cheese mixture and the pulpy mixture in an alternating way to kind of disperse it throughout. I then used the other half of the pulpy mix with the largely cut strawberries to form a topping. It wasn't enough.

Here's a pic:

Strawberry Cheesecake

It tastes delicious, but not a very nice looking cheesecake. Improvements for the future include mixing the cream cheese in better. Adding gelatine to the strawberry liquid might also make it set nicer. More strawberries on top would be good.

As it stands, you can basically feel a heart attack coming with every bite you take...
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So chicken thighs are like delicious. And cheap.

In an effort to build up my "Cheap and Delicious" cooking repertoire I have decided to experiment with cooking chicken thighs.


So yeah, the idea is make a delicious lemonish sauce and use it to marinate the chicken thighs.

So I made the sauce thusly:

Ong's Lemon Sauce:              107.5 g              (Half a bottle)
Garlic 4.5 cloves:                     16.5 g
Lemon Zest:                              2.5 g                  (1 Lemon)
Lemon Juice                             40.5g (100ml)  (1 Lemon)
Oregano (enough to for it to be sparse in the mix... a tea spoon?)
Lemon Pepper (two dashes)

This produces 112.5ml of lemon sauce. (I actually made twice that, but it was too much so I'll use it later)

The idea is that you have about a 100:15:2.5:40 ratio of lemon sauce:garlic:zest:juice. You don't want it too thick (too much sauce) or too runny (too much juice). The garlic and zest can be modified, I found this to be pretty good.

This is still experimental and is subject to change.

I used the sauce on 2.2ish kg of chicken thighs which equates to about 10.

Firstly, you wash the thighs in preferably salt water, but plain is fine too. The longer you soak it, the better. Then you need to dry it.

Once it's dry put it in a pan and then pour the sauce on it. You can use one of those brushes. If the mixture is thick enough, it should stick.

I then put it into a preheated 150C fanforced oven. I think I kept it there for a couple of hours. I then had to go somewhere, and so I left it there for about three hours. I was worried about it burning, but it went well. Turned out very well, just cooked enough.

For better results, keep it on low, and keep putting the juices onto the chicken. The more you do it, nicer the layer.

Extra points for using the liquid to cover oven roasted chips. Delicious.

Here are some pictures! :D

Thigh Close Up
Chicken Thigh Close Up
Here's the chicken thighs and chips!
Chicken Thighs and Chips

Stay tuned for my strawberry cheesecake! :D

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So I was thinking of something witty and self referential to put here which would have you screaming that I wasted your time and me berating you for reading my blog because it's a waste of time, but I'm rather tipsy and thus forgot.

Oh wait. I did just waste your time. "I knew it! I knew you would waste my time! I should have spent my time on the market! MAKING BILLLLLLIIIONSSS!!"

"Wait, you knew I would waste your time, yet you still came here?"

So yeah, bad meta-humour aside. Today I tried a new drink I have been meaning to try.

Death in the Afternoon.


Dan Murphy's + Generic Rip Offs = SAVINGS!!! + Alcoholism

Oh, btw, I blame the silliness of this post on my tipsiness. (That is, the inhibitions that stop me from caring about what I unleash upon you are hiding in a dark cave.)
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So I made an apple crumble.

It seems to be a Friday tradition for me. Last time, I had a few guy friends over and we bonded over baking. It was rather funtastic. Tonight was relatively lonely, though not unentertaining.

I feel recently that I have got a very strong xenophilic urge. Like I want to be with people and make food for people. I probably miss being in a relationship.

Mannn, if I got into a relationship now, I would probably make hella awesome food and would make it for her... Aww, the thought of cooking something for someone I like a lot makes me all mushy...


This is a cooking blog.

So here's the cooking!

Apple crumble! Basically, I got six (big) apples, peeled and cored them. Sliced them into pieces, then put them in a pot with some cinnamon, sugar and a bit of water. I then stewed them on the stove for awhile. While they were stewing, I made the crumble mixture. I got some flour added some pieces of chopped butter and combined the two in my hands until the mixture was like bread crumbs. I then added sugar and mixed it some more and kept adding more flour/ butter/ sugar until I thought I had enough. Basically it depends on how much apple you use and the size of the baking thing. I made sure the mixture was sweet by tasting a bit.

I then put the stewed apples (I left them there for a bit too long, usually you should take them off the heat once you can put a fork through them easily) into the baking thing and spread them out. I put the crumble mixture ontop and baked at 180C for some time (maybe half an hour?).

I don't think it was hot enough so I have left it in the hot oven to kind of dry and finish cooking.


Friday Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble out of the oven

Apple Crumble and Icecream
Apple Crumble and Icecream

So that's the score. Apple crumble is delicious.

Oh, I also found some compounded dark chocolate and macadamia nuts in my cupboard, so I may make brownies in the near future.

Bake away from here!
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So yeah, I said I would cook something every day of this week, but kind of failed.

But today I cooked two things (kind of). I made some tzatziki and the some souvlakia.

So first the tzatziki. I got about 3 cloves of garlic and crushed them (left the skin on, woops! :P) and then added them to some olive oil and lemon juice. I then added this to about 100ish grams of Greek yoghurt (though, it wasn't that thick.). I think I also added some lemon rind. I mixed it up heaps. Then I grated a cucumber and cut it into pieces, having taken gotten rid of the seeds. I chucked that into the mixture. That was the tzatziki, I then just put it in the fridge.

My mum had some lamb cubes, so I got them and added some of the left over lemon/ garlic/ oil thing I had to marinate them. I spread it around with my hand. I then added oregano (proper oregano, from the dried up plant) and some salt. I then put it on skewers and grilled in the oven. I also added extra garlic and lemon.

It all turned out rather nice. Here's a pic:

Souvlaki and Tzatziki on Bread 1

Also check my Flickr for more pics of my Easter meat deliciousness.

Stay tuned, I may make an apple crumble tonight, depending on whether I can be bothered.
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So I'm not really that great at cooking before 10pm.

Today's experiment was one that I have wanted to try for awhile. The original idea was for a turkey, camembert and cranberry pie. However, alas, my Coles didn't have turkey on Monday night. And I can't find pie crusts anywhere. So instead, I decided on a Chicken Camembert and Cranberry Vol Au Vent (Or as I like to call them, my CCC Vol Au Vents (Pronounced triple C)) since there were Vol Au Vent things at Coles.

Detailed method and pics... )

For those playing at home, here's a recipe's recipe:

125g Camembert
125g Butter
Cranberry jam (or whatever jam has cranberry in it)
1.5 large cooked chicken breasts
1 Egg, beaten

1. Preheat fanforced oven to 180C.

2. Melt butter in microwave. (Or in a metal bowl over boiling water if possible)

3. Add slices of camembert and mix.

4. Keep microwaving to help it mix. Maybe blend.  (The metal bowl method might work better here.)

5. Add chopped chicken breast to mixture and coat well.

6. Paint inside and top with egg.

7. Put layers of mixture in the Vol au Vents (5) then add jam on top and press it with a fork.

8. Once the Vol au Vent is nearly filled, put in oven for 10 mins.

9. Take out and fill Vol au Vents and fill with left over egg return to the oven for 20 mins.

10. Take out and serve. Makes 5.

So yeah, it is that.

P.S. Did I use Vol au Vents right? Should that s be there? Is the t pronounced?

P.P.S. Check out my Flickr page (linked from the photos). It's pretty cool. Show it some love!

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the frypan. 
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So this is the first food experiment of Bright Week. Rather boring and no pics this time.

Just a small alteration to the original Phabo recipe. For the original one check here.

This time I used low fat peanut butter instead. I also used different ratios.

The new ratios are:

- 400g Low fat peanut butter
- 250g Honey
- 200g Oats
- 200g All Bran

Similar to last time, I used 100g coarse and 300g fine in the mixture.

The nutritional values have changed slightly since last time. The fat content has reduced as has the protein slightly. Here they are:

- Fat 17%
- Protein 12%
- Fibre 7%

I might post an average weight of the slices later on when they have cooled and maybe dried.

As expected, since I used more Oats and All Bran this time, the mixture was less easy to manipulate and knead. But I flattened it with a salt shaker (I can't find a rolling pin...). Also 15 minutes at 200C wasn't enough to cook it properly, however it tends to harden when cold anyway.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry which will involve me making some form of chicken, Camembert and cranberry type thing. Hopefully I will add pics and stuff.

Keep Kookin!
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So Bright Week is the name of the week after Easter. In Orthodoxy, you can eat whatever you want even on Wednesday and Friday (they are supposed to be strict fasts normally, I barely follow the Easter fast let alone those ones)...

Anyway, so Bright Week is like a week of celebration, joy etc. Also, I have the week off uni. So I thought I will try to cook one interesting thing a day for Bright Week. Also, it will be a good way to re-introduce myself to food (after one week of fail fasting, lolll).

As such, I have come up with some ideas:

- Turkey Camembert and Cranberry Pie (I've had one, it was delicious)
- Some kind of quiche (A friend had one last Wednesday and since I was fasting I couldn't eat it. BUT I WANTED IT!! So gonna try make something.) Any suggestions? I like my ham/ bacon cheese quiches.
- Perfect my Phabo recipe. I'm sure you're all sick of it, but I want to get it right.
- Make some Greek food? I am planning to have a Greek banquet eventually and want to prepare for it. I'm thinking trying a tiropita and maybe some tzatziki...
- Maybe some kind of interesting desert? Something fruity perhaps?
- Maybe an interesting cocktail? Death in the afternoon sounds fun. (Absinthe and champagne...)
- And more! Any suggestions? (I realise very few people read this blog, but I'm asking anyway.)

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So my first experiment/ proper food blog thing!

I decided this food needed a name, so I came up with "Peanut Honey All Bran Oats" or PHABO (Pronounced Fabo)

The idea for Phabo came when I was trying to think of a food that could sustain me (and others) during a fast and generally. Basically, when I'm fasting, I'm not allowed to eat meat (excluding crustaceans) and dairy (that is, milk and eggs). Now there are a large variety of foods available to eat, however, I'm a fussy eater, and although this blog would seem to state otherwise, a lazy cook. Also, I'm kind of insulin resistant, so I get hungry easily, especially if I eat sugary/ starchy foods, that is, high GI. A useful thing to keep it low GI is the ability to eat it slowly.

So the aim essentially was to create something vegan, low GI, easy to eat, easy to prepare, able to be stored and eaten slowly. So thinking of some traditional fasting staples, I came up with the idea to use peanut butter and honey as a binding agent and to use a mixture of oats and all bran. Oats and all bran were chosen because they're both low GI and good for you. (Also, generally generic, so also cheap).

The idea is get a roughly equal mixture of oats and all bran, blend a portion of it slightly so that it's still kind of coarse, then blend the hell out of the rest until it becomes like flour. Then add that to a melted mixture of peanut butter and honey.

My first try at this was a few days ago, and it turned out pretty well. Good consistency, good peanut butter and honey flavour. A recommendation was made to try baking them for a bit.

This time, I weighed and measured out the ingredients I used to better quantify the recipe and thus hopefully improve it. It required a bit of tinkering. This is the general process I went through:

Detailed Experimental Method and Pics )
For a more succinct recipe-like thing I have simplified it thus:

350g Peanut Butter
225g Honey
150g All Bran
150g Oats

1. Preheat oven to 200C fan forced.

2. Melt Peanut butter, in a bowl.

3. Add and mix honey in.

4. Mix all bran and oats in different bowl.

5. Take 100g of that mixture out blend until reaches desired coarseness.

6. Blend the rest of the all bran/ oats mix until it has the consistency of flour.

7. Mix everything together well. Knead with hands after.

8. Flatten on a tray and bake for 10mins.

9. Leave to cool, cut into pieces, refrigerate.

According to some rough calculations, this batch of Phabo contains:

-22% fat
-4% saturated fat
-13% protein
-7% fibre.

The rest is probably all carbohydrates. But they are low GI.

While you are all free to use the recipe, please remember that I invented it, and that I'm still tweaking it. There will be changes, don't you worry...

EDIT: This recipe is in like a pre-beta stage. I hope to improve it as time goes on. So like don't hate me if the recipe makes stuff that isn't that delicious...
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So my tendrils spread further across the spanning void of the internet.

I have started up this blog to detail my cooking and culinary exploits. As of late, I have become more interested in cooking. My ambitions have grown, and I have many things that I want to try.

I also enjoy my experimenting. So cooking random stuff.

Here are some things I am planning:

- Peanut butter, honey, oats and all bran bar things
- Using salt to make a cheap steak delicious
- Improving my Greek cooking skills so that I can prepare a Greek Banquet one day
- Working out a vegan brownie recipe (one that isn't bitter as buggery would be nice)
- Making icecream with liquid nitrogen (If I buy a $350 liquid nitrogen container...)
- Making strange and unusual cocktails

So if you want recipes and my strange experimentation with food, stay tuned! Follow me on your followmajic. And I will see you soon!
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